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Imagine Healing: Guided Imagery to Help You Heal

Debra completed training in Peggy Huddleston’s seminal program, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster before studying hypnosis and NLP before developing a comprehensive program for patients and a workshop in using guided imagery for professionals. Debra is indebted to Huddleston’s program and research base. Among the research findings are that those who completed a presurgical workshop using Huddleston’s program were (on average) a greater sense of peace before surgery, 20% less blood loss, 50% less need for pain medication, an earlier discharge (by one to two days), and fewer re-admits.

Debra integrated surgical support into her Healing Touch practice, and then as she learned more about guided imagery and NLP, she began modifying her approach to surgical support, retaining the original benefits of Huddleston’s program while adding the power of lasting change made possible by what she has come to call the imagine healing process.

25-30 Million Americans will undergo surgery with anesthesia each year

The need for surgery or the discovery of a serious health problem is often a turning point in life, and individuals will do best when they assume an active role in the process of recovery. The Imagine Healing process helps individuals turn what might be seen as a life-threatening event into an opportunity for personal growth and an enhanced sense of well-being. It isn’t just a matter of doing better during surgery; it’s a matter of doing better for the rest of your life.

Because humans process their subjective experience, in part, as pictures, when one says, "I just cannot see how I will get through all of this," according to Dr. Emmett E. Miller, author of Deep Healing: The Essense of Mind/Body Medicine, we are not just hearing words, we may well be witnessing destiny. Miller's work shows clearly how beliefs and images become actual physical events in the body.

The imagine healing process brings into consciousness information that typically remains beneath the level of conscious awareness. You will easily recognize many ways you can help yourself heal more quickly and completely using guided imagery.

To preview and/or download the step-by-step instructions, and listen to and/or download the accompanying audio files go to: Imagine Healing: Guided Imagery to Help You Heal.

You can see a nine-minute video of Jane Foster's experience to assure you that the imagine healing process works well during chemo, radiation, dialysis, or other treatment protocol, or at any time of personal or healing crisis. This video of Jane was recorded in May of 2011. In 1999 Jane had twenty-two tumor on her liver. "It's real. It happens. If you cut your finger, it will heal. If you will let the mind and body work together, they will heal you."


Steps in Surgical Support

If you or someone you know is facing surgery or another serious medical procedure, the steps that help support an individual through such medical procedures are the following:

Relaxation promotes immune function and allows the body to focus on healing.

Discover what you need to know.
Is your physical problem telling you something about your emotional, mental, or spiritual wants or needs? What do you need to know about the problem and the recommended medical procedure? Some prefer to have all the details, while others prefer to rely on expert opinion.

Create positive expectations.
Using creative visualization is one way of creating positive expectations. The idea is that we influence what we become by what we think about.

Organize a support group.
Your support group may consist primarily of family, friends, and members of your spiritual or religious community. You may also wish to include trusted professionals, such as someone trained in Imagine Healing: Using Guided Imagery for Surgical Support to provide encouragement and help facilitate your recovery. Enlist the support of your medical team. Most physicians and other medical staff will be glad to provide appropriate mental and emotional support, especially because they recognize the ways in which such support makes their jobs easier. 

Debra is available to support you through the imagine healing process. Your session may be done conveniently over the telephone, or via Skype, or ZOOM and typically takes about one hour. For more information and/or to schedule an appointment, within the continental U.S. you can call Debra at (269) 921-2217 or send email to

Preview and/or download the training manual Using Guided Imagery for Surgical Support: A Comprehensive Guide for Nurses, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Energy Workers, and Anyone Who Believes in Our Healing Potential and share Imagine Healing with your patients and clients.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP

What is Neurolinguistic Programming?

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) works with the way your brain stores the memory of your experiences. If you thought you saw a snake, your body had the same stress responses had you really seen a snake. Most of our unconscious programming is self-validating: A person believes something, looks out at the world, sorting for evidence that supports those beliefs - even if the beliefs are not true, or at times when what you have believed was holding you back and limiting your success in life. If we believe that others are not trustworthy, we will look for evidence that proves they aren’t trustworthy. As Robert Anton Wilson says, the brain has two main functions, “The Thinker thinks; and the Prover proves."



"The basic principle here is that people end up in pain, not because the world is not rich enough to allow them to satisfy their needs, but because their representation of the world is impoverished."

~ John La Valle and Richard Bandler

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Manual


Internal conflicts often result in a sense of driving life with one foot on the gas and one foot on the break: you don't make much headway and you burn up a lot of gasoline! Because NLP works with both the conscious and unconscious processes, you will be able to make changes quickly and easily. To read more about NLP go to

NLP will enable you to change your unconscious programming, and to replace limiting beliefs with those that will allow you to experience more in your life. Some people want more peace. Others want more creativity. Whatever you really want, the new beliefs are designed to better serve your purpose.

Because NLP works so well, it allows you to eliminate unwanted behaviors and replace them with new behaviors that will allow you to create health in body, mind, and spirit. NLP is your key to better health, more happiness, greater self-awareness, and more awareness of others as well. 

You may want to check out the testimonials. on this Website. Remember that these are real folks and real life stories. They had problems just like you. Using the structure of how you have maintained your beliefs, attitude, and behaviors, painful memories will no longer plague you. Dreams you have can begin coming true. Phobias can be eliminted within minutes.

NLP works with the way you run your brain, and you are the one who will make the changes quickly and easily. Sessions are available in person or facilitated over the phone. See "Request a  Session" for details.

If you or someone you know has a phobia (spiders, snakes, elevators, needles, dogs, etc.) or undue anxiety (social situations, flying, fear of heights), or suffers from panic attacks, we can eliminate your unwarranted fear in less than an hour ... or it’s FREE!

To learn more about phobias and anxieties, or to discover how much you know already, see The Phobia Quiz. The quiz is in PDF format, so you’ll need the Acrobat Reader to download and print a copy.

With NLP it is never too late to have a happy childhood!




  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we all experience several times in the course of a normal day such as when daydreaming, driving, watching television, or falling asleep.

    Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, pleasant way of changing your thoughts and behaviours. You will find it to be very peaceful and even energizing. Because hypnosis is simply an altered level of consciousness, you do not become unconscious. In fact, you may be aware of everything that  is being said during your session and you are always in control.image

    Hypnotherapy has been endorsed by the American Medical Association as an effective form of treatment.   Hypnotherapy with Debra may help you with:
    • Overcoming anxieties, fears and phobias
    • Reducing stress
    • Weight management
    • Improving self-esteem and confidence
    • Health issues such as depression, insomnia, memory improvement or pain management
    • Smoking cessation
    • Sexual problems
    • Pre- and Postsurgical

    Go to to learn how hypnosis will help you.

Debra is working with clients using safe-distancing methods via phone, and online platforms including ZOOM. Please take good care of yourself during these times.

Healing Touch

Healing TouchTM is a process of light touch that is energy-based, rather than focused on muscles or tissues, such as in therapeutic massage. Every known culture has developed forms of energy medicine, and while the metaphors and techniques understandably differ from culture to culture, many of the metaphors and techniques are remarkably similar. Healing Touch does not have a religious context, nor does the effect rely on the client’s faith to work.

Healing TouchTM has been shown to affect the physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual, and although energetic therapies have been used for centuries, Western scientific exploration is only in the beginning stage.

Healing TouchTM is a more contemporary style of several ancient healing practices, including the laying on of hands. The goal in energy work is to restore wholeness through facilitating balance in the human energy system.

What Is The Human Energy System?

The human energy field is based on three principal concepts: the chakras (energy centers), the meridians (pathways of energy flow), and the aura (the bio-electrical field surrounding the body). Although these concepts have not yet been well-accepted in Western scientific thought, they are well-known throughout Asia and have been gaining acceptance in the West as current technologies (such as using radioactive isotopes to test flow along meridian pathways) are used to evaluate medical results achieved by acupuncture and chakra balance.

Taken together, the chakras, meridians, and aura are often referred to as principal components of the subtle energy system that interpenetrates and surrounds our physical bodies. When a person’s subtle energy system is working well, he or she experiences good mental and physical health. When one component of the human energy system develops a problem, however, it affects the other components, creating an imbalance. If an imbalance in the subtle energy system is allowed to continue, the imbalance will eventually be manifested in the person’s physical body and psychological state. [Bowman and Basham, “Healing with Energy,” Section 2]

What Can I Expect?

Working though the human energy system can allow deep wounds to heal.Although Healing TouchTM can be easily administered anywhere. Due to Covid-19, Debra is offering distant healing.
Healing TouchTM sessions have been shown to:

  • Provide relief from physical or emotional pain.
  • Create clarity and relief from mental or spiritual stress.
  • Promote relaxation, restful sleep, and a sense of well being.
  • Accelerate healing from wounds or illness.
  • Decrease anxiety, tension, and stress.
  • Decrease presurgical anxiety and speed up the recovery process.
  • Ease transition or provide peace in times of accelerated change.
  • Create clarity of purpose or mission and support your making positive changes in your life.
  • Help you reconnect to your core identity and develop self-love.

Janet Mentgen, RN, founded Healing TouchTM in 1989 as a continuing education program for nurses, other health care professionals, and lay persons. Debra was mentored by Janet Mentgen, and in 1997she received her certification through Healing Touch InternationalTM. Today Healing TouchTM has spread and is being taught in universities, medical and nursing schools, and other settings internationally.

“From the first moment that Debra touched me, my journey began. I was pointed down a new path and my perception of healing was changed forever.”- TM, Ann Arbor, MI