Freedom from Pain

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Dean Ornish, M.D., writes:

“There is a time and a place for drugs and surgery.

Even when these are necessary,

they are just the beginning.”


In some ways, Freedom from Pain was created because the techniques are what worked for me as I overcame chronic pain. I had been given a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease—L4, L5, and S1, and osteoarthritis of the hip. I was told that I needed to have a hip replacement but, since I was only 38 years old at the time, it was suggested I wait. Otherwise, it was thought I would have one hip replacement, and it would only last 10 years, then I could only have one more, and would be left with no options at 58 years old.

I was evaluated at the Post Polio Clinic at University of Michigan. There I was told I had not actually had polio when I was five years old, even though I had been diagnosed with (and had been treated for) polio in 1955. I was prescribed a lumbar support, a shoe lift, and physical therapy. I was taking 1,000 mg of Naprosyn daily.

With everything that was done to me, my symptoms got worse. I used to say that I had bad days and worse days. I never had a day where I was pain free.

The medical doctors told me I would not be able to work, I would be in constant pain, and I was told that I would never have quality of life. I am so grateful that you don't have to take bad advice, even when it is delivered as a hypnotic command, and even when you paid for it!

One of my friends was a nurse. She needed some quick CEUs so she attended a Healing Touch Level 1 workshop. She came back from that, brought me her manual, and gave it to me saying, "I don't know why I took this, but it is you." I did not know anything about chakras, or auras, or meridians, but I knew a lot about chronic pain, and one of the techniques said it was for relief of chronic pain.

Learning about energy healing gave me my life back, and I have since dedicated my life to sharing that with others. Now, over 60 years of age, I bike, hike, and totally enjoy life!

The opening track on Freedom from Pain is a progressive relaxation technique. Track two is a deepening of the relaxation response. Track three (Etheric Vitality Plus™) is a technique from Healing Touch. People not only benefit from doing this, but they are actually learning focus and breathing and visualizing for health.

Self Full Body Connection  is on the last track and it is the technique (also from Healing Touch) that I learned to do on myself and it is the technique that resulted in my being able to get off all of the pain medication in a matter of weeks! I still use this one regularly, and have had wonderful results with it with others over the years as well.

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The drawing of the hand positions for Self Full Body Connection are available as a free download from our Website at, and is also available with the language of a familiar Western prayer called the Our Father or the Lord's Prayer for those who prefer that language. That link is


   It is wonderful that there is something that can make a difference. This photo is me, at age sixty, but don't buy Freedom from Pain because it worked for me, buy it if you or someone you know deserves to feel better.