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Using hypnosis for pain management during labor and childbirth is not a new idea. In 1955 the British Medical Association approved hypnotherapy as a valid medical treatment and an effective form of pain management during childbirth. The American Medical Association approved hypnotherapy in 1958.

“According to preliminary studies, hypnotherapy may be used to treat pain during childbirth and reduce labor time.” (See: the December 19, 2007, Mayo Clinic article.)

While women going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery is one of the most natural experiences a woman can have, you can use SCS/NLP guided imagery/hypnosis to support your process in many ways—physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual. Research indicates that with proper use of SCS/NLP guided imagery/hypnosis you can experience shorter labor, reduce the need for pain medication, and have a statistically reduced incidence of surgical delivery, including Caesarian delivery and use of forceps. Additionally, at birth your baby is likely to have higher Apgar scores, which are the measurement of your baby’s well-being.

It was first recognized that the developing fetus is directly affected by what the mother eats and drinks. You may have begun taking prenatal vitamins, stopped consuming alcohol, and begun drinking more milk. In the same ways, current research indicates that the chemicals produced by the mother during pregnancy, labor, and delivery work as an emotional blueprint for the baby.


"Welcome Baby!" is a guided imagery audio by Debra, created to ensure a comfortable, joyful pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The words and music are designed to heal childhood wounds an expectant mother might have. The powerful background music is performed by Pamela Chappell. In addition to five original pieces, it also features "How Could Anyone," written by Libby Roderick, "You Can Relax Now," written by Susan McCullen, and "Lullaby (Ship on the Water)," by Chris Williamson.

While "Welcome Baby!" was designed for an expectant mother to ensure the best possible birth experience, and relieves anything that could detract from her ability to enjoy pregnancy and delivery, the audio can also be used specifically for inner-child work with anyone, whether male or female. 

You can sample listen and/or order Welcome Baby! ($9.99) at:

The benefit to the central nervous system of the baby was something we did not really build in consciously, but we are certainly grateful for that happening and appreciate the research that is proving how your brain works! Think about it this way. When the expectant mother is feeling more relaxed, her baby is swimming in relaxing chemicals. This is actually the blueprint for emotional patterns in the child. Because this audio generates better feelings in the mother now, it also tends to generate better feelings in the baby later.

The benefits of relaxation have been shown to reduce the normal discomforts that can accompany the joys of being an expectant mother. Listen to Welcome Baby! at those times when you will most likely be undisturbed. Put on your headset, sit or lie down, get comfortable and enjoy this guided imagery journey. Although it is designed especially for mom, dad can listen, too. It is common to become relaxed enough to fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Both mother and baby will enjoy Welcome Baby! Following the labor and delivery, Pamela's music is a nursery staple—a familiar lullaby with calming influence on both baby and mother! This audio set is perfect for a “we just found out” gift so every baby is a Welcome Baby!


While Debra is no longer doing formal doula work, within the continental U.S. you may call or text (269) 921-2217 to schedule a private session. Send email to:

The following resources are put together so you can be totally sure why you want to use SCS/NLP guided imagery/hypnosis to give yourself and your baby the best possible experience during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

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